Liz Kohler Brown is a designer and hand letterer based in North Carolina.

Her work is vibrant, playful, and full of detailed linework and surprising combinations.

Liz loves creating eye-catching designs for companies that want to bring a bold and whimsical feel to their products and publications.

Email hello (a) lizkohlerbrown.com for inquiries.


Liz combines digital and traditional mediums to create designs with variation and a handmade feel.  Her colors are bold and bright, making products and pages with her artwork pop!

Products & Publications

  • Hand lettered cards with playful illustrations for SendFluttr, a pre-scheduled greeting card service.
Image by Peaks and Valleys Baby Bedding
  • Liz’s art has been licensed by countless small businesses on baby items, clothing, accessories, wallpaper, and everything in between!
  • Custom designs for kid’s clothing brand Princess Awesome, a company that helps break the stereotypes about what designs girls “should” wear.
Photo from Princess-awesome.com
  • Liz is the author and illustrator of Letter Styles Library, a lettering and illustration resource for artists and designers.  See the Book on Amazon

Creative Network

Liz has been teaching online and in person since 2013 and has helped over a quarter million creatives bust through creative blocks in her classes, live sessions, and critiques.

She loves sharing collaborations and products with her network through email newsletters and social media.

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